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Dog Cabin

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Custom Made to Order

The CAB Dog Cabin range come in 2 models with the option to select a bespoke model to your required dimensions. The Dog Cabins come with a flat roof model Suitable for inside and a sloping roof model for outdoors to help take the rain away from the door.


CAB Dog Cabins are manufactured from 6mm polypropylene and are fully welded internally making them easy to clean and hygienic. As polypropylene is a non-porous surface it does not absorb moisture, so does not harbour germs.


The Dog Cabin door entrance along with all other edges are capped with alloy to prevent chewing The Dog Cabin is fitted with an internal draught screen giving added protection and a stainless-steel louvred vent is fitted in the sleeping area to aid ventilation.


The Dog Cabin roof is secured by two over centre fasteners, so it can easily be removed for cleaning. The roof is capped with alloy and can have a raised lip as an option to hold a 25mm thick roof mat for the dogs to sit on and acts as insulation for the cabin.


Standard Cabin (2 models) Price £655


43” wide x 32” deep X 29” high (Flat roof version)

43” wide x 32” deep x 29” high at the front tapering down to 27” at the rear (Sloping roof)


Optional extras,

  • Aluminium door £160
  • Polypropylene sliding door £70
  • Internal 25mm mat £50.
  • Roof 25mm mat £80.
  • Delivery: from £69

Please state at the ordering stage which design you require.


The CAB Dog Beds can be made to any sizes you require, let us know what size you need if different than above.


Please contact us if you require a bespoke option of the above system.

Prices are inclusive of VAT

CAB works with every client from the initial design
ideas right through to the manufactured product
providing a full bespoke service.