CAB Animal Transit Boxes - Dog Transport Boxes.

Image of CAB Animal Transit Box in a FreelanderImage of a CAB Transit Dog Box in a 4x4Welcome to CAB Animal Transit Boxes, manufacturers of high quality animal transit boxes, ideal for transporting dogs and other animals.

All boxes are individually designed and completely hand made in-house to the highest standards.

Image of CAB Animal Transit Box in a LandroverAbout CAB Animal Transit Boxes

CAB Animal Transit Boxes are manufactured from black 6mm polypropylene. The interior of all boxes is smooth giving an easy to clean product whilst the exterior has an attractive leather grain finish.

The doors are manufactured from a special alloy section which totally surrounds all raw edges of the 25mm square stainless steel mesh in-fill resulting in a light, strong and animal friendly door. The door is mounted directly to the box with a full length stainless steel piano hinge and secured with stainless steel anti-loose fasteners which can be operated with one hand leaving the other hand free to attend to the animal giving greater control. The catches are also fully lockable.

Ventilation apertures can be built in to suit your personal requirements at no extra cost.

All boxes come with two carry handles as standard to assist with the loading and unloading. These handles can also be used as anchor points to strap the box into your vehicle for added security and safety.

Total protection and security

CAB Box in rear of a vehicleCAB Box in rear of a vehicleCAB Box in rear of a vehicle