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Trunked fan system

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The Trunked Fan System is a 12V fan that usually fits at the rear of the dog box. Using the roof trunk support that we fit to our larger boxes, we duct the air from the fan, through the roof trunk and the air dissipates through a series of holes machined into the trunking. This feeds all areas of the dog compartments, so no matter how many dogs you have in your box, they all get some benefit from the fan, without it blowing directly on just one of the dogs.

The fan produces 116CFM of airflow which is plenty for a large double box.

We usually add an on/off switch in a prominent position on the box within easy reach. The fan can be run without the ignition on (if you have a permanent live to the rear of your vehicle) for many hours, the fan does not use that much power. (There is no need for a secondary leisure battery).


The price for the Trunked Fan System is dependent on how many dog compartments are in your set-up. Please check out the price in the associated product you require.


i.e., CAB 2 Double Van box – Trunked Fan System price £225

CAB works with every client from the initial design
ideas right through to the manufactured product
providing a full bespoke service.