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Drawer Divider System

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Custom Made to Order

The Drawer Divider System is a great addition to your drawer liner if you are obsessed with organisation. The system comes with two dividers as standard that can be positioned anywhere in the drawer liner on a 25mm pitch. This means that if you change your mind about how items are organised in your drawer then they can simply be re-arranged to suit your new items. Extra dividers can be purchased as and when you require. The dividers system is made from the same polypropylene as the drawer units so keeping it all clean is easy.

The drawer dividers can be added to your existing drawers. Give us a ring to make sure we have some in stock and we can arrange for you to come to the workshop to have them fitted to your drawers (CAB Drawers only). It takes about 1.5 hours for us to fit them (please clean your drawer before coming).


Drawer Divider System Price £80 per drawer liner (comes with 2 dividers)


Extra Dividers £10 each

CAB works with every client from the initial design
ideas right through to the manufactured product
providing a full bespoke service.