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Quad Tray

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The Quad Tray was developed in consultation with the renowned Cumbrian sheep farmer Hannah Jackson AKA ‘The Red Shepherdess’ who required a solution to her dog transportation requirements when travelling across her land by quad

The CAB Quad Tray is manufactured from 6mm polypropylene plastic and is fully welded internally making them easy to clean and hygienic. The material used is non-porous that does not absorb moisture and so does not harbour germs.

An open front design enables your dog(s) to jump in and out of the tray with ease, with the option of being securely fastened in the tray with added shackles. The 2 large outer external corners of the tray are edged with aluminium to give the tray extra strength

The Quad tray can also be used to carry bags of feed, straw, or hay, making this a truly multifunctional addition to your quad accessories.

The tray is supplied blank for you to drill fixing holes where required to suit your quad frame or fixing board.

Quad Tray sizes, 1105mm x 510mm x 500mm high on 3 sides with a 50mm lip along the front edge.

Quad Tray Price £240 inclusive of VAT


  • Aluminium edging for extra strength
  • Made from 6mm polypropylene leather effect plastic
  • Open front
  • Easy to clean


(These can be made to any sizes you require, let us know what size you need if different than above).

Optional extras,

  • 4 shackles fixed on the sides of the tray 2 on the inside and 1 on each end or all 4 on the inside £25
  • 12mm thick heavy duty internal mat £25
  • 3mm rubber internal mat £15
  • Strap kit £25 consists of 2 off straps for securing the box to the ATV fixing points
  • Delivery from £49


Please contact us if you require a bespoke option of the above system.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.                                            

CAB works with every client from the initial design
ideas right through to the manufactured product
providing a full bespoke service.