CAB Animal Transit Boxes - Pickups

Image of CAB 1Image of CAB box on back of pickupFor open back Pickups we would recommend our Pickup Box which is manufactured with a slopping roof so that the water runs away from the dogs.. We can produce this as a CAB 1 or a CAB 2 and can be made to slide between the wheel arches. Depth would be discussed with customer and then priced accordingly. We would recommend a storm peak is fitted over the door to prevent the rain from driving straight into the box. You can also add door covers which fit to the inside of the doors to protect them even more on really bad days. (Storm Peak and Door Covers can be seen in our optional extras section)

Image of a CAB 5 on pickupIf you have an open back Pickup and only one dog then our CAB 5 Box manufactured with a slopping roof is you best option. Again you can add a Storm Peak and Door Cover from our optional extras. This box can be made up to 24" wide - other measurements would be discussed before manufacturing and would depend on the size of the dog and the amount of time it was going to be in there.

Image of CAB 2 with drawer unit on pickupHere we have a drawer unit and CAB 2 dog box. The dog box has again been slopped to ensure water runs away from the dogs. Storm Peak and door covers are fitted. The drain plug in the dog box has been fitted in the front of the box so if the Pickup is parked on a slope it can be washed out insitu and the water will drain out of the vehicle.

Image of CAB 2 custom made for pickupThis is our CAB 2 Dog Box which has been custom made to the Pickup it is in, leaving a small amount of space in front for storage. We can make this unit whatever size you wish depending on space available and amount and size of dogs. We would discuss these things with you before manufacturing. Any of our optional extras can be added making the box individual to you.

Image of CAB Animal Transit Box in a FreelanderThe only problem when placing a dog box straight on the floor is the loss of valuable storage space. We have, therefore, developed a system where the box is mounted on a platform that can be pushed back and forwards in the vehicle (as shown right). retractable bolts are fitted each side to secure it in position. The platform can easily be removed if required.

Image of CAB 1Image of CAB box on back of pickupThis customer wanted to leave some space at the side of his box to store surf boards so we made a half width box shaped around the wheel arch. A Top Tray was fitted to give more storage on top.

Image of CAB 1Image of CAB box on back of pickupThis unit was manufactured for a Vet who wanted a secure drawer to store his drugs. He also had a dog that travelled with him all day so wanted a good size box.

Image of CAB box on back of pickupThese units were made after much discussion with the customer. The customer told us what they wanted to achieve and between us we came up with the design.

We have a Dog Box that is shaped around the wheel arches so that it fits as tight to the side as possible it is also has a shaped side to match the profile of the pickup. The dog box was fitted with a top tray so that extra storage space is available. The drawer unit is again fitted around the wheel arch to allow it to go up to the side of the vehicle.

It is fully lockable and has a small lip fitted around the top to hold anything stored there in place.

Image of CAB box on back of pickupThis is two separate units making it easy to remove when you want to use the vehicle for other things.

The Drawer Unit has a lip all around it so that the dog box is held in place.

The Dog box has key locking doors to that use the same key as the paddle locks on the Drawer Unit.

Image of CAB box on back of pickupAnother problem with Pickups is the gap between the taildoor and the body of the vehicle. We have heard of dogs causing serious damage to their legs after getting a paw down this gap. We have, therefore, produced our tail door flap which can be fitted to the body of the vehicle, it then lifts up as the tail door is closed and drops down again over the gap when the tail door is opened.

Another alternative to the taildoor flap is our full length taildoor mat which is cut to cover the flat bed of the pickup and out over the tailgate covering the gap. It can be rolled up and laid behind the tailgate when closing.

The above are examples of Boxes etc... we have produce that are fully removable. We also produced a Box System and a Sliding Gate System that is fully fitted to the Pickup - Full details of these systems can be seen in Box System or Gate System section.

If you have any ideas that you have not seen above we are always ready to listen and advise.