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  • Pickup Double Box Fitted Between Wheel Arches

Pickup Double Box Fitted Between Wheel Arches

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The CAB 2 double box fitted between the wheel arches is designed to fit all UK pickup models & canopy designs. With a choice of 3 standard depths, the design allows the flexibility to carry your dog(s) safely whilst also allowing the ability to remove the box easily enabling full use of the truck bed when required.

Large CAB2 style box up to 1016mm wide, with 3 standard depths available, with the height being determined by your canopy design up to a maximum height of 813mm.

The dog box comprises of two key locking doors with handles, removable divider, full length stainless-steel hinges, 3mm internal mats, side, and rear vent slots as standard 150mm high, shackles on each side for securing and a front drain plug to assist in cleaning.


·         Aluminium doors with stainless-steel mesh insert

·         Key locking doors with anti-luce safety fasteners

·         Full length stainless-steel hinges for added strength & security

·         3mm thick internal rubber mat

·         Side and rear stainless steel mesh ventilation apertures

·         Box is watertight up to the top of the door sill, with drainage plugs to assist cleaning

·         Made from 6mm polypropylene leather grain effect plastic.

760mm deep £920 inclusive of vat.
1016mm deep £980 inclusive of vat.
1220mm deep £1,135 inclusive of vat.

(These can be made any depth you require, let us know what size you need if not shown above).

Optional Extras,    

  • Trunked internal fan system (diffuses the air evenly through the roof trunking to both sides of the dog box without blowing directly onto the dog(s) £225
  • Internal LED lights (includes stainless steel mesh chew guards) £96
  • LED Work light £95
  • Flettner Slimline or 2000, wind powered roof fan £216.
  • Motorised Roof Fan with intake & extract functions £360.
  • Removable 12v fan (fixes on door front) £124
  • To hard wire the lights and/or fan system into the vehicle with the on/off switches on dog box. £199 (If this option is not taken then the fans and lights will be supplied with a wire coming out of the side of the box with a 12V male plug attached, to plug into a suitable 12V power supply). Spare 12v socket and/or USB socket added to rear of truck £20 per socket (with the hard wiring option).
  • ¼ dividers these split the 2 compartments into smaller compartments. £190 each.
  •  Top tray £60
  • 12mm Heavy duty internal mat £60
  • Tailgate flap £75
  • Full floor mat £70
  • Tailgate mat £40
  • Water container and holder £35
  • Door drinkers £58 each
  • Bulkhead sliding window catches and opener. £65 (to open and shut the bulkhead sliding window with the system in place)
  • Strap kit £25 consists of 2 off straps for securing the box to the truck fixing points

Please contact us if you require a bespoke option of the above system.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and fitting.                    

Delivery price available dependant on location, POA.

CAB works with every client from the initial design
ideas right through to the manufactured product
providing a full bespoke service.