CAB Animal Transit Boxes - Whelping Box

Image of Whelping BoxOur Whelping boxes are manufactured from 6mm polypropylene with an aluminium frame. As polypropylene is a non-porous surface it does not absorb moisture so does not harbour germs and can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

It has a drop down door which is fitted with raised ridges to give the puppies grip as they learn to pass in and out of the box.

Unlike a lot of other boxes on the market all our fittings (spring bolts, hinge, anti-luce fasteners etc..) are stainless steel, so nothing to rust. The box stays in tip top condition litter after litter.

Wooden safety rails are supplied to prevent the puppies being squashed by the bitch, these can easily be removed as the puppies get stronger. (We can supply alloy plastic coated rails at a small extra cost). Plastic feet are fitted to prevent the aluminium legs damaging the floor.

Image of Whelping BoxAccess door showing ridges to help the puppies get back when they first go off exploring. Also shows stainless steel hinge fitted as standard.


Image of plastic feet fitted.Image of stainless steel door bolt.The images to the right show the stainless steel door bolt and plastic feet fitted to protect your floors.

Extension boards are available at an extra cost if you wish to make your whelping box into a puppy pen as the puppies get older.
They are manufactured from the same polypropylene and designed to easily fit together and sit snuggly on top of the aluminium edge of the whelping box.

Whelping Box 4' x 3' x 12": £430
Whelping Box 4' x 4' x 12": £470
Delivery: £45.00

All prices include VAT