CAB Animal Transit Boxes - Dog Cabins

Image of dog cabinStandard Cabin
Size: 43" wide, 32" deep
29" high at front, 27" high at back.
(Other sizes can be produced - please ask).

Manufactured from 6mm polypropylene, our Dog Cabins are totally rot free. They can easily be washed and disinfected to give a clean, germ free environment.

Door entrances are capped with an alloy capping to prevent chewing.

The cabin is fitted with an internal draught screen giving added protection and a stainless steel louvered vent is fitted in the sleeping area.

The lid is secured by two lockable over centre fastners (a) so it can easily be removed for cleaning. It has an alloy edge fitted with a raised lip to hold a rubber non-slip mat in place to form a day bed and give added insulation. The lid overhangs at the front to form a peak to protect from the weather.

You can also add our optional sliding door to give total protection. This door is fully removable to ease cleaning.

Image of dog cabinImage of dog cabinImage of dog cabinImage of centre fastner
The images below show the dog cabin open (left) and closed (right)
Image of open dog cabin Image of closed dog cabin

Dog Cabin: £480.00
Door - optional extra: £50.00
Internal Mat 22mm: £40.00
Roof Mat 22mm: £40.00

Delivery (£48.00)

All prices include VAT