CAB Animal Transit Boxes - Construction Information

Image of 3 inch sillImage of 6 inch sillSill

Our boxes can be supplied with either a 6" sill or a 3" sill. The 6" sill keeps more dirt inside the box and is especially good for spaniels and other long coated dogs. The 3" sill is a consideration for older dogs who find it hard to jump that extra height.

Image of side ventillationVentilation

All our boxes are made up without ventilation and it is added as/if the customer requires. We can add 4" or 6" panels to the sides and rear at no extra charge, if you require deeper panels they can be added for a small additional charge.

Image of plant handlesImage of side slot handlesHandles

All our boxes are fitted with carry handles as standard - either side slot handles or plant handles,which ever is most appropriate.

Image of drain plug extension tubeImage of drain plugCleaning

All seams on our boxes are totally water tight so a 40mm drain plug is fitted at the back to ease water removal when washing out the box.
Sometimes we fit the drain plug in the front of the box, especially if the boxes are fitted into a van or pickup and it is not easy to remove them for cleaning. We can then supply a Drain Plug Extension Tube so that the boxes can be washed out whilst the vehicle is parked on a slope and the water will drain away. (see Optional extras).